FAQ about Arise


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Some questions we get a lot of

Who can join an Arise?

The ARISE Challenge is for women ages 18 and up. There are no bunk beds or hot showers. It’s you, the women on your team (8-10 women per team), the group at large, the wilderness and your Creator. While the ARISE Challenge is designed for women to finish, it is not easy. It is not a retreat where women sit around the fire in a cozy lodge, get manicures, and eat fancy chocolates. NO!! Women will walk a considerable distance carrying their backpacks. We will struggle together! We will endure together! We will celebrate together! And we will find inspiration for our hearts.

What do I need to bring?

Pack ONLY according to the specific ARISE Packing List. We do not want an ARISE Challenge to provide any financial stress or hardship. You will want a good fitting pair of hiking shoes and a comfortable backpack. They do not need to be expensive, just suitable. We encourage women to borrow or share certain equipment. Practice setting up and taking down your tent before the weekend.

Jewellery is not needed on an ARISE Challenge.

You will give up your watch, cell phone, camera and makeup to provide a distraction free weekend!


I am on a special diet. Is that possible on the weekend?

We try to take your diet into account as far as possible. Please indicate this when you register and we will contact you. If you haven’t heard from us 1 week before the weekend, please contact us.

We would love to take you into account, but please communicate with this on time.

We take medical allergies into account, not fancy diets. ?

What is included in the cost?

$250 per person. This cost includes everything that is needed for your ARISE Challenge experience excluding the items on your pack list.  Travel to/from the event location is not included. 

Can I bring a team?


During the registration process you can fill out the Group Name section with the name of your group and we will place you together on a team.  We form teams based on Group Name first, then based on where women live. If your group is less than eight, we will combine groups to make a complete team.


If you are not part of a group we will assign you a team.

Where exactly do I have to be before the start of the weekend?

You will hear from us at the very last minute. Try to carpool as much as possible!

How can I charge my mobile phone and / or notify home?

You can’t.

We consciously want to set aside time from technology during the weekend. A mobile phone or other electronic devices divert attention from what we want to do.

If the home front needs you for an emergency, they can contact the Arise leader responsible for the weekend (you will receive his or her mobile number just before the weekend).