December 22, 2016


XCC is a mind, body and soul adventure. A life-changing journey. A challenging endurance hiking event, in the wild, designed to test men’s abilities, find their breaking point and overcome the abyss between the head and the heart.

XCC weekend takes place from a Thursday evening through to Sunday afternoon, where men are confronted with significant physical and emotional challenges, deep camaraderie and profound moments of moral and spiritual input.

With no watches, no phones, no wallets, no car keys, no extra food, no cigarettes, no alcohol, no more crutches, and no more excuses or hiding… XCC men find perspective; evaluate who they are; and find a purpose worth living for.

XCC leads men to the highest place on earth: the foot of the cross… in a way they have never experienced before. To recognise the journey, every man who completes an XCC receives a red polo shirt emblazoned with the number four. He is now a Musketeer – a servant of the King of Kings, Jesus.

What Men Are Saying

“I saw strangers banded together and become brothers. We supported each other through every challenge and conquered the mountain together. I saw men carry fellow members’ backpacks for hours to give their mate a break. I saw the injured brothers encouraged and supported.” – M

“XCC provided a way for me to reconcile my past and let go of the pain that stayed with me for 36 years. Having been able to walk with men who prayed with me and for me was the healing I needed.” – A

“The open vulnerable sharing from the leaders paved the way for open vulnerable conversations among the rest of us. Very, very impacting! Loved the challenges, the camaraderie and the very clear focus on Jesus.” – C

“The men’s testimonies. I could see my story in them and learnt a lot about how to deal with my challenges” – P

XCC at the Scenic Rim Queensland